A World Bridge

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“A World Bridge" is a planned, cooperative project between Alaska State government offices, the Alaska State Department of Education's Alaska Learning Network (AKLN), the AASB Consortium for Digital Learning, Alaska Society for Technology in Education (ASTE), the University of Alaska system, and business partners to develop a unique series of international models which integrate real-time economic, and educational systems, designed to accelerate both systems via international cooperation, collaboration and mutually beneficial projects.

The World Bridge Project- Building a statewide infrastructure for learning, technology, 21st Century Skills, and advanced pedagogy: Alaska is in the process of developing models as an International Leader in the Joint and Integrated Development of Economy and Education

Project Goals:

Integration of economic development with educational mission and goals, through study, evaluation, assessment of Pacific Rim economic trends, development of technology and educational systems, then implementation of collaborative projects between countries - academic and business/industry.

Capacity building - ongoing planning and implementation of effective training programs with multiple levels of technology, as equitable as possible, layered based on need. Rapid-prototyping of training process is designed to accelerate adoption and acquisition of career-level skills.

Development of rapid-prototyping system for determining effectiveness of new or combinations of educational technology; provides an R&D program for technology applications, new STEM content and collaborative projects, and professional development/pedagogy.

Development of statewide and international Project Based Learning (PBL) curriculum repository and learning management system for teaching and learning, based on student/teacher developed content from real-world projects. Academic standards and objectives will be gradually converted into real-time/real-world project systems.

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