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Trillium Learning is pleased to announce a new organizational affiliate partnership with the Global Institute for IT Management. The objective of the Global Institute for IT management (GIIM) is to present a complete, flexible, and immediately actionable set of best practices by prominent academics, practitioners, and management consultants, to prepare IT thought leaders and business executives for the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. 

Trillium will conduct the 4-course Technical Leadership Certificate program for GIIM titled "Technology Enabled Learning". For more information about GIIM, please visit:

Trillium Learning Business Course Abstracts:

Optimizing Workforce Training for Global Competitiveness

Managing Transitions: Train the Trainer ProgramEffective Use of Technologies in Training and ManagementWorkforce Globalization through Understanding Culture & Language: China and TaiwanTraining/Curriculum Design, Development and Program Evaluation

Managing Transitions: Train the Trainer Program

This course provides methods and project-oriented experiences, enabling master trainers to educate their sub-groups in facilitation methods for managing transition and change within the organizational structure. Most often, it’s not the change itself that defeats a new technology implementation, nor new methods, skill sets and the flexibility required to change the workforce’s thinking – it’s the transition from losing a known skill set, to the new company mission/goals, which have not been acquired or mastered. This program helps companies with training organizations to develop the capacity for change, helping employees and administrators to acquire new skills critical for their company’s success.

Effective Use of Technologies in Training & Management

Course goals and content are designed to enable organizations to improve management development and training through the effective utilization of various multimedia technologies. Activities provide the process for analyzing the client’s management development and training programs, then, participants work on projects designing effective strategies for technology utilization. Specific multimedia technologies include synchronous and asynchronous communications, Web 2.0/3.0 applications including online forums, live chat, blogs, media sharing (audio and video including podcasting, digital multimedia) and video conferencing.

Workforce Globalization through Understanding Culture & Language: China and Taiwan

Globalization of an organization’s workforce is now a critical component for the development of successful communications and relationship building with foreign businesses. The program content is delivered as a multi-leveled course, which provides participants with overviews, case studies and insight into the myriad cross-cultural issues that arise in providing development programs in international settings. 

Training/Curriculum Design, Development and Program Evaluation

This course provides processes for the development and facilitation of project/process - based learning experiences, to enhance training effectiveness. The teaching and learning of high-level thinking processes including problem solving, creative thinking, communications, collaboration, teamwork, and constructive critical thinking is perhaps one of the most difficult levels of competency to achieve in any organization. This course helps managers to design and implement customized case studies to train employees and clients. The case studies provide environments for the development and evaluation of these process skills, utilizing the company’s content.

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