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Trillium Presents at the National Science Teachers Association Conference in Indianapolis

Trillium president Ron Fortunato presented at the NSTA conference in Indianapolis on Mar. 29, along with co-presenters Aarti Malya (Pascack Valley Regional Curriculum Director, and Natalie Macke (Pascack Valley Regional Environmental Science & Chemistry). Their topic of discussion was "Foster International Collaborative Research Partnerships with Global Communication Technologies". The presentation description: "The goal of the session is to model a means for classrooms in the United States to collaborate with classrooms world-wide in authentic science research partnerships. More specifically, the session will address the use of Trillium Learning as a platform for communication among science teachers and students in other parts of the world to enhance their research capabilities. Several research partnerships among science students in the Pascack Valley Regional High School District in Montvale, NJ and science students in Yunnan Normal University Affiliated High School in Kunming, China will be presented to demonstrate the potential of novel global communication technologies to promote a 21st century science education."


Trillium Presents at TechSpo Conference

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Trillium Learning president Ron Fortunato presented  the topic "Utilizing Technology Infrastructure for Global Student Projects" at the New Jersey Association of School Administrators Conference - TechSpo 2012. Ron co-presented with Laurence Gander, Media Specialist from Woodcliff School. The topic description: "In order to develop the integration of 21st Century Skills into the district curriculum and professional development, the Woodcliff Middle School has implemented the Global Language and Culture Project from Trillium Learning. The program incorporates a foundation of (Mandarin) language, culture and technology, allowing students to participate in collaborative projects with partner schools in China and Taiwan. The multidisciplinary, project-based approach also allows for parent participation; students create media which is shared via Internet applications, where they communicate asynchronously and through live video conferencing."

Cloud Computing Consortium

Trillium Learning is pleased to announced new membership in the Cloud Computing Consortium. The C3 mission is "To provide business and IT leaders with the unbiased leadership and management knowledge and understanding needed to plan, transition and operate successfully in the world of cloud computing." 

For more information about C3, please visit:

Global Institute for IT Management

Trillium Learning is pleased to announce a new organizational affiliate partnership with the Global Institute for IT Management. "The objective of the Global Institute for IT management (GIIM) is to present a complete, flexible, and immediately actionable set of best practices by prominent academics, practitioners, and management consultants, to prepare IT thought leaders and business executives for the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. 

Trillium will conduct the 4-course Technical Leadership Certificate program for GIIM titled "Technology Enabled Learning". For more information about GIIM, please visit:

Mandarin Videoconference 2

Congratulations to Laura Chao and her students at Da Zhi Senior High School, Taipei, Taiwan, and Matt Kutowloski and his students at Pascack Hills High School, Montvale, New Jersey, USA for their great videoconference on Nov. 9. The students shared topics on the books that they read, academic subjects, Taiwan delicacies, and enjoyed a language & cultural exchange. We're all looking forward to the next one!

The Bridge Building Project

New Bridge Building Project

A new project conducted by Allison Bizocco from Memorial Elementary in Montvale utilizes STEM content and problem-solving processes. Currently, new project partner will include teachers and students from Taipei, Taiwan. Want to check out Allison's lesson plan and support materials? Go to:

Videoconference: Woodcliff Middle School, NJ - Dongmen PS, Taipei, Taiwan

The first successful video conference conducted this week between Woodcliff Middle School and Taiwan, Republic of China. The conference was attended by approximately 40 students along with 15 parents, additional teachers, and principal. Mandarin teacher Kejia Liu's class shared local culture and the Halloween festival, while practicing their Mandarin with Chinese peers in Taipei. The students from both countries took the opportunity to share presentations on their media, and get to know each other through question and answer sessions.

Yunnan Province Educational Exhibition and Forums USA


2010 Yunnan Province Educational Exhibition and Forums USA October 24 - November 1, 2010 (Multimedia Gallery of Opening Ceremony)



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