STEM Projects: Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics

Trillium Learning helps schools systems to develop multidisciplinary STEM projects, supported by educational technology, high-level communications and presentation skills. Intra-USA and international collaborative teams are formed, that work on real-world problems, generating new information and media for sharing. The real-time nature of the projects promotes both multidisciplinary teamwork, and the 21st Century Skill sets required for today's global students, and the learning environments necessary for global teachers.

GIS, Satellite technology, advanced NASA software and other applied technologies combine for projects studying global dynamics including deforestation, hurricane tracking, polar icecap melting, pollution, seismic activity  

Robotics coupled with Physics and Math allow students to design and develop problem- solving scenarios utilizing various technologies.

Environmental Science projects include comparison studies of local plants and animals, and between different cities, their classification and local living conditions.

Statistical surveys capture comparison studies combining Math, Nutrition and Survey Polling

Geology, Geography, Mathematics, Oceanography and Environmental Science combine for projects studying the changing tectonic plate conditions.

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Nutrition and Statistics

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