Professional Development & e-Learning

Advanced learning models are developed through projects at school district sites. Services focus on the development of increased opportunities for student learning as the result of focused teacher training in the design and implementation of learning environments supported by educational technology. District-Wide, Scalable Models - Trillium's professional development project model includes the educational research, development and prototyping of teaching and learning practices, supporting local, state and national standards, with teaching and learning objectives. Replication and distribution of this model will begin the development of a district-wide network consisting of evolving examples of best practices from the initial prototypes.

Trillium conducts similar professional development for teachers from the USA to China, enabling collaboration on multidisciplinary projects, utilizing similar PBL skills and authentic educational environments.

Trillium develops online e-learning programs between USA schools and other countries, enabling students and teachers to experience new languages, cultures and academic environments.

Professional development programs are designed for localized needs, requirements and customization. Trillium's programs articulate K-12, and K-16 with university partners.

Trillium Learning utilizes a rapid-prototyping professional development approach, immediately following onsite training with remote video conferencing support. Teachers do not wait for another inservice, they ask questions, solve problems, work out classroom management issues quickly with Trillium's online support system.

On-demand Professional Development via Video Conferencing

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