The Global 21st Century Schools Project

(Also known as The Global Language & Culture Project (GLCP)

Initially designed to support the United States Department of Education initiative “Foreign Language Assistance Program”, Trillium Learning has developed a high-performance school training program allowing USA schools to collaborate on language and cultural-based projects with schools from other countries. 

Trillium prepares and trains teachers from all participating schools in Performance-Based Learning (PBL) skills, along with the ability to conduct real-time video conferences. This combination of PBL and live video conferencing allows Trillium to create on a global scale, authentic learning classrooms, where teachers and students can see and talk with each other, in real-time.


In recent years, exchange programs between the USA and other countries have become frequent. Chinese is one of the key components of the US Global Language and Culture Project, and Trillium has built partnerships with schools (beginning with China), that have equivalent PBL training, so that teachers and students from both countries can communicate and work collaboratively on mutually interesting projects. The utilization of an interactive Internet portal and video conferencing technology allows schools to truly work together.

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