Globalization of Education

Educational systems around the world are currently engaged in the process of globalizing their curriculum, content and objectives. Trillium Learning helps Globalize school systems’ curriculum and professional development via World-class Performance/project Based Learning Pedagogy. The 21st Century Skills are integrated with collaborative projects connected to students and teachers from other countries, enhanced with educational technology.                         .

World-Class Pedagogy: Performance/Project-based Learning

Trillium Learning has developed a Performance-based learning (PBL) school training program allowing schools (currently) in the USA, China and Taiwan to develop multidisciplinary, multilevel and multigrade standards-based projects. The student project activities are developed in the form of collaborative activities with other schools – local, national and global. Projects include multidisciplinary collaborative peer teaching on language and culture acquisition projects with schools from other countries. Trillium Learning prepares and trains teachers from all participating schools with PBL skills, along with the ability to conduct real-time videoconferences. This combination of PBL and live videoconferencing allows Trillium to create on a global scale, authentic learning classrooms, where teachers and students can see and talk with each other, in real-time. Trillium helps design and integrate all project content and activities into district/state curricula and lesson plans, and fully integrated with the local, available educational technologies.


The 21st Century Skill Set

Developing 21st Century Skills foundations: Problem solving, creative thinking, communication, teamwork, collaboration, systems thinking

Educational, Collaborative Network

Students, teachers and administrators share and collaborate on international academics, language & culture acquisition, operational issues and goals

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