Collaborative, Authentic, Real-time Learning Environments

The accelerated learning environments are marked by student exposure to real-world applications of concepts and problems while actively engaging in mentoring relationships, and entrepreneurial processes. Educational technology, including live videoconferencing, is integrated into all aspects of PBL training and practice, and utilized appropriately to achieve performance and collaboration goals. Advanced pedagogical processes with enhanced educational technology utilization allow for the development of very powerful educational environments, and the ability to raise the level of teaching and learning performance.

Ongoing Metrics for Evaluation & Assessment

Trillium Learning integrates evaluation and assessment mechanisms into all project implementations. Metrics are co-designed by Trillium and client districts in order to promote appropriate measurements for reporting, feedback, and rapid-prototyping of project activities and processes, allowing the program to achieve local capacity, effectiveness for reaching district goals, and long-term sustainability.

Project teachers and students develop sharable teaching and learning media, and have access to an international curriculum. Language & culture acquisition, peer-to-peer co-development and collaboration of projects with other countries integrated with videoconferencing, chat and forum technologies for real-time, real-world authentic classrooms.

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