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Trillium Learning and The Global 21st Century Schools Project

(Also known as The Global Language & Culture Project (GLCP)

Trillium Learning was initially designed to support the United States Department of Education initiative: “Foreign Language Assistance Program”. Trillium Learning developed and implemented a high-performance professional development program allowing USA schools to collaborate on worldwide, multidisciplinary projects. All Trillium programs are supported by an integrated infrastructure of language, culture and technology.

World-Class Pedagogy

  • Project/Performance Based Learning, Technology-enhanced
  • Multidisciplinary, Multilevel, Multigrade Project Content & Curriculum Integration
  • Integrate Educational Technology 

STEM Projects: Science, Technology,  Engineering & Mathematics

  • Collaborative Project Development with STEM Content
  • Multidisciplinary STEM Projects
  • Language Arts Crossover Projects

Professional Development & e-Learning

  • Onsite & Remote Professional Development via Videoconference
  • Rapid-Prototyping of Pedagogy
  • e-Learning through Authentic Classrooms with Other Countries

Collaborative Learning Environments for:

  • Global Language & Culture
  • AP Project Environments
  • Special Needs Projects
  • Live Video Conferencing, Sharing & Presenting Media
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International real-time collaboration - between students, teachers, administrators

Educational Services 

Trillium Learning's Core Competencies and Services 

  • Globalize school systems’ curriculum and professional development via World-class Performance/project Based Learning Pedagogy. The 21st Century Skills are integrated with collaborative projects connected to students and teachers from other countries, enhanced with educational technology.
  • STEM Project Development provides direct application of multidisciplinary, real-world problem solving environments, aligned with standards and objectives. Students, teachers generate international curriculum media.
  • Professional Development & e-Learning - delivered onsite and remotely via multiple technologies, including video conferencing. Teacher and student skills are rapid-prototyped in their own classroom environments with e-Learning methods. Administrator sharing and collaboration programs.
  • Collaborative Learning Environments for global language and culture acquisition, AP projects, children with special needs, connected with students from other states and countries. Develop foreign exchange programs, and virtual exchange through video conferencing.

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